Friday, August 12, 2005

It's so ironic

Just few weeks ago my part-time-maid told me that her child had enrolled to one public school. I asked her how much she had to pay. Happily, she said that she did not have to pay enrollment and basic fee. She only needs to pay SPP for 15rb a month.
I was so amaze and happy to hear that. Means that the policy about free schooling has been started succesfully. It really helps those who want to taste education but get financial problem.
Then yesterday she told was a total lie. They didn't need to pay basic fee, but after they enrolled they had to pay for many things. To build toilets, praying room, etc. One month only..and they have already paid about 500rb rupiah! That's silly!
I think "nothing is free" is very relevant to this situation.
I'm not sure whether the amount that parents need to pay will go directly to the building. Each student paid 500rb, means if there are's 100jt. More than enough to build toilets and praying room. Let's see.
Why do I have that negative thought? Cause I know someone who works as headmaster of one junior high school. He got rich drastically after becoming headmaster. And one day his own son boasted to everybody..
"My daddy is very-very cleaver in business!" he said.
"What do you mean?", asked somebody else.
"He can make all his students paid 100rb rupiah for computer fee, but then it will be his. He can propose 100jt rupiah for one program, while actually it only costs 60jt rupiah. Smart right?"
"That's not smart. That's corruption!"
"No it is not! It's business!!"
Perhaps before he decided to take other people's money for his own good, he had to teach his children to differentiate corruption and business. Imagine our future if all parents teach their children that way.
Just can't understand..why can people live happily on top of other's difficulty?

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