Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I hate flying!

I hate flying. I hate the taking off and landing. I hate turbulence.
I remember my first long flight was to Jeddah and I was too busy taking care of my sissy and sleeping, hence I did not feel that thrilled.
But on my flight to Carribean, I got bad turbulence that made me scream and scared to death. And after that I got that bad feeling everytime I fly. The feeling is started in the check-in counter, getting worse in the waiting room, and worse..and worse.

When I got assignment in Singapore..I was excited, but deep in my heart I talked to myself.."Okay, you have to fly twice within two weeks!" Though it's just 1.5 hours of flight, but I still feel worry.
But flying with Garuda and Lufthansa for 1.5 years, almost twice in two weeks, I seldom got bad experiences. Except one quite heavy turbulence while taking garuda and one more turbulence when flying with Lufthansa.

Everytime I fly, I focus my mind saying that my life has been destined. If it is my destiny that I have to die in the plane..then it's okay. It makes me feel better. But taking my child with me makes it more difficult.

Yesterday..was really my worst flying experience. My bad feeling had actually been starting since I was in the taxi to airport. I could not explain why. I thought it just my sadness feeling of leaving my lovely hubby. But the turbulences made it worse.
The turbulence was started right after taking off, and lasted for quite some times. It's already that scarry. But then around twenty minutes before landing, the plane got a worse turbulence. The worst in my life. The plane was like dropping very far. Everybody screamed.
During that dropping times I even had time to think..Ya Allah, this is my end of life then? I'm going to You. And all those kind of thoughts.
When the turbulence finally stopped, I really thanked God. I felt relieve for a while till I realized that I lost one of my luggage in the checked baggage.

Hueh. Anyway, I don't think I'll be able to fly again in a short time. I can't stand the turbulence.

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