Thursday, April 28, 2005

My fourth day in KL

My fourth day in KL. In our first day of arrival (we arrived home at about 5.30 pm), we went to carrefour to buy food and some house stuffs. Finished shopping at 10.30 pm and brought home lot of things from pillows, mattress to electric fan. Wow..we fulfilled the taxi with our stuffs! But oops..I haven't bought plates and bowls.
The next day, planned earlier to cook chicken. But no chopping pad! So we had bean and minced chicken then. Not going anywhere. Felt a bit bored, looking at the same view all day. No internet. Basic astro is boring.
Fortunately I got internet connection yesterday!
I planned few things for house decoration. I really dislike the all-white things in my apartment, from wall, furniture to the curtains. The sofa is green with white-stripes, but there is a 3 seats sofa with purple and yellow color which really destroy the color scheme of the room!
So yesterday we went to Ikea to buy more soft furnishing and got quite a lot of things again. Plates, glasses, chopping pad (at last!), other kitchen utilities..and the most important things for me..some wall decorations. I bought a dog painting with frame, two small frames with cat and sheep pictures, one big colorful pictures, two photo frames and bed spread. my apartment looks better. I need artificial plants and more paintings though.
Today..we'll go to KLCC..pick my hubby from his office and browsing around the mall. I'm really waiting for the weekend so I can spend full day with my hubby. Ikel is getting better from his cough now.
One bad thing here is the taxi cost at night. Last night we spent 15RM to go to Damansara from KL. But when we went home, the taxi did not want to use meter (really lke Indonesian taxi) and they defined fix rate for 30RM. That's silly. We ended up paying 27RM for the taxi including toll. Too expensive.

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