Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ikel loves singing

I love singing. I always sing while playing with Ikel. Singing nursery rhymes, Indonesian kids songs and even shalawat.
And now I'm amazed with Ikel's singing ability. It doesn't take long time for him to hear one song and recite it. Even his spelling is sometime difficult to understand, but it's quite clear though..and sound cute.

This is his version of Rockebye Baby:
lokebai beibi on de titoooop, wen de win boooow de kedel wilock
wen de bobe de kedel wifol, don kam beibi kedel en ooool..
While the right version should be:
rockebye baby on the tree top, when the wind blow the craddle will rock
when the bough break the craddle will fall, down will come baby craddle and all

This is his version of On Top of Spaghetti (which he always sings when I'm eating noodle):
otop of spahetiiii..ol kavey cisss..
dededede miboooolll..wennanani nis..haaaatsyiiihhh..
While the right version should be:
on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese
i drop my pour meatball, when somebody sneezed...haaatchii...

This is his version of ABC:
abcdefghijooooop..qrstuv debeyu x y en ai sing may taim woyusing wimi..

The funny thing, he always has a way to relate a song with what I say.
For example, I called him..Ayaaang!! And he sang, "Ayah bunda nang amat kutinta, boyehkah kutanyaaa..tapa olang dewasa..makan inum taat puasa."
In another occation, I said "Bangun!" and he sang "Banun ayolah banun..katanya mau banun.."
If I asked him to give something to his grandma.."Give it to Nenek!", he sang.."Nenek cudah tuaaaa..gigina tinggal duaaa!!"

My favorite is if he starts to sing shalawat..alohuma colli ala Mumamat..ya mumamat..ya mumamat..I've told him it should be Muhammad, not Mumamat..but still he can't spell it well :-)

These are songs that he have recited (update for my lovely hubby):
Old Mac Donald, Baa baa black sheep, Twinkle2 Little Star, Rockebye Baby, On Top of Spaghetti, ABC, One Two Buckle My Shoe, Happy Birthday, Head Shoulder Knees and Toes
Indonesian: Topi Saya Bundar, Burung Kakaktua, Naik2 ke Puncak Gunung, Bintang Kecil, Potong Bebek Angsa, Tik tik tik bunyi hujan, Matahari Terbenam (atau Burung Hantu?), Balonku, Satu-Satu, songs from CD Islamic Songs, Nina Bobo (changed to Dede Bobo), what else? I forget..

This version has made me mad:
Tatu tatu aku tayang ayah
Dua dua tuga tayang papa
Tiga tiga tayang kakak-kakak
Tatu dua tiga tayang muanya..

See?? Where did he put his mommy????

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