Thursday, January 29, 2004

My favorite books

From all the books I have read so far, of course I have some favorite ones. The criterias..hmm...not too hard. As long as it can make me impressed..:-D
Here is the list (I may need to update it later on...)

1. Totto-Chan, Gadis Kecil di Jendela
I think this should made as starting point of our education-system revolution..:-) There are a lot of things to learn from this book. Both children and parents can read the book and get something from it.
I heard that there are already some "totto-chan's school"-like in Jakarta, but the system itself not yet accepted by the government. When it is time for my kid to start his school, I hope that I can easily find a place that could support and grow kids' creativity, not killing it.

2. The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield
Magnificent!Awesome!I like this book so much. When I read it, it's like there's a flower blossomed inside my body. I don't think this book is specific for one religion. I think this book is for all human being. Asking them to start thinking why they're here in the world, why they're born in their current family. Talking about co-incidence, is it really exist or nothing is co-incidence. And the good thing that none of those deep thoughts is given in boring sentences. Redfield was succesfully able to bundle it in a kind of adventure, a quite thrilling one. Have ever read a comment in the web that one Christian could get enlightment by reading this book. I think I got one as well though I'm a moslem.

3. Secret of Shambala - James Redfield
The third book of Redfield that talking about a search of Shambala/Shangrila. I like this one also because there are a lot of things that can be analogically compared to our real life.
And there is also a part on teleporting that make me amaze..:-D

4. Timeline - Michael Crichton
Thrilling but scientific. I call this as a smart-novel.

5. Prey - Michael Crichton
Of course I like this one cause it's talking about agent and nano-technology. And I really admire Crichton for his bright idea :-D People keep talking on the technology, but how if the technology become something that can treat their life?

6. Walk to Remember - Nicholas Spark
A simple but touching love story. Just love the way Spark describes the girl as a very warm-hearted one.

7. Little Women - Louisa May Alcott
I like this book because there are four sisters there, like my family..:-D Reminds me to my three younger sisters that often make me dizzy.

8. Ramayana (who's the real author?Walmiki?)
I love the story, especially the war. Not because I like war of course. Just the moral of the story, the giants could be defeated by small monkeys.
And also the spirit of the monkeys when building the bridge, with lot of disturbances they keep fighting and fighting.

9. Secret of Baby Whisperer - Tracy Hoggs
Very informative for new parents. Could help us to learn and understand our baby's behaviour, cry, scream and habit.

10. Sophie Kinsella's books : Shopaholic series, Can you Keep a Secret?
Really2 Funny!!Entertaining reading..

Why didn't I choose The Tenth Insight by James Redfield?I like that one, but it's not my favorite. Though it's a part of the series, but the story is not too interesting and a bit boring for me.
No Indonesian author? Not yet..I'm still thinking..:-D
Yesterday I read Seno Gumira's book..Sepotong Senja untuk Pacarku. It's very nice and creative. I like almost all of the short stories inside the book that I have read! Haven't finished it yet..

***counting the days***

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