Thursday, January 15, 2004

Tuning your life first..

How many hours in a day?
How many of them you spend for taking care of things that even not able to take care of you?
These few days I did a lot of program tuning.
But program cannot talk, cannot scream, cannot give you a thing except a happy feeling when it's done. It will be forgotten right when you transport it to production. You'll get reminded of it just when it comes back for fixes or changes.
So I started to life needs tuning more than all those things!There are a lot of things to be tuned, to be thought, to be deeply be planned.
I need to use my time wiser. Lot of things to learn and to do. To take care of my child, to take care of my family.
Being mother is very challenging. In my hand, I hold a huge responsibility. I enjoy it so far. Remind me of my childhood when I play paper-doll, I have something to take care of, but now it is real.
It's fascinating..looking for new recipes for my kid, reading articles on baby health, watching my baby's development, hugging him when he's sleeping.
Of course I still need to take care of myself...hmmm..that should be planned soon.

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