Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Iseng-iseng ikutan test and quiz..

Sambil nunggu suami belon dateng juga..gue iseng ngambil personality test and other fun tests..
Here are the results..(I don't think they're 100% accurate anyway)

1. I'm a visual mathematician according to the IQ test. My friend in this area is Albert Einstein..??!!!??? Whatzzz???
2. I'm extrovert! This is not true. I'm a bit introvert but I love hanging out and having social life as well.
3. I'm a skydiver type. What is that anyway?
4. My lucky number is 5. One that shared the same number with mine is Isaac Newton!!
5. I have precognition ability!
6. My intuition scored 6 out of 10
7. My brightest aura color is violet. Hmmm..can anyone interpert the meaning for me???
8. My best intelligence is personal intelligence.
9. For my true talent, as I'm good in seeing three dimentional things..then becoming an architect or anything related to floor-design is good for me. Hmmm...very far from my field now. hubby is here....

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