Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Book comment: The Lake House

Had been waiting to read this book for quite a long time since I read somewhere that James Patterson was writing the sequel of When The Wind Blows. I really wanted to know what would happened to those flying kids after The School era. I missed Max, Oz, Mat, Ic and the twins.

As a sequel, this book tells also a brief story on what happened in its prequel. The story continues to the time after the kids are taken care by their biological parents. All the kids do not feel happy living with their bio-parents, though they have tried hard to make the kids happy. As ordinary human, their bio-parents cannot understand their needs which are different from human. The kids need their Frannie and Kit, whom according to their nature as birds, are the true parent for them. Only Frannie and Kit can understand their need to fly and to be treated sometimes as birds.
I found this book not as good as its' prequel. The flow is still James Patterson's..thrilling and flowing like water. But what is written in the cover "don't read it while u'r alone at home" is definitely not true..for me at least.
It's interesting how human's and bird's nature on love and sex are described well through the relation between two of the kids: Max and Oz. It's also interesting to read the idea on ressurection, make a longer living for certain people.
After finishing this novel...I felt like saying "Okay, this is good story!". That's all. Not excellent. Not outstanding. Just good. A bit dissappointing for James Patterson's. But it's worthed if we just want to know the continuation of the kids story after When The Wind Blows (though we can make our own version :-) ).
Hmm..I still have two other James Patterson's books to read. Pfuihh..
I also bought a book on Homeopathy with special price. Nice, cause it's good for introduction if I'm going to learn it deeper later.

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