Wednesday, July 14, 2004

My colourful home to be

Guess how many paint colours I have in my house?
Three..of course not lah..
Five? Come on..
Ssstt..I'm telling u. I have fourteen colours in my house!
1. Hawaiian Blue 2. White 3. Jade Green 4. Mandarin Green 5. Gemstone Green 5. Stardust Green 6. Red 7. Pink 8.Terracota 9. Purple 10.Sky Blue 11. Bunaken Blue 12.Yellow Sunset 13. Kecapi Yellow 14. Navy Blue
My house is not big. So imagine how the colours come to it.
I make my house as my expression of imagination and creation.
Look at my bathroom..two of them are full of sea shells on the wall, other two are full of natural stones.
I'm starting to fall in love to my "new" house. I choose almost everything myself including flooring and lighting.
But of course, I have to consider my hubby's opinion and desire. Look at the is my hubby's favorite color. While bright colours are my favorite. And btw, according to feng shui, the good colours for me are red, pink and yellow. While my hubby's are blue and green. house accomodates all :-)
I designed my house not just to be enjoyed by us who live there, but also by the people coming to the library. Phew..I think in two months my library can be opened.
I'm a bit losing my patience waiting for the house to be completed. Cause for me and hubby, though living with parent is okay, but still living in our own house is better.
Ikel seems to like the house too...he keeps looking at the colours, laughing and very active in the house.
I don't care even some people do not agree with our design style, that's our home anyway. We are the ones who live there, the ones who should enjoy the place.
I still have to wait around two weeks till I can go back to our own house again..higss..
My blue house..I miss u.
Hmmm.. I plan to give my house a name. You Tara, the name of Scarlet's house. Or like Engelina, the big house in Cipaganti that we called as a ghost house when I was a kid.
Perhaps the name will be something related to the sea, as my exterior paint is blue and I have a lot of sea shells in my house, from wall decoration to curtain. I'll think about it later..

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