Monday, December 12, 2005

Derita Istri Konsultan

= phone -

Husband: "I'm going to Shanghai in mid December, u may need to change your flight schedule so you can stay longer in Jakarta. Otherwise u'll feel lonely in KL."
Wife: "Oh..okay. I'll change my flight to the end of Dec. What do u think?"
Husband: "That's okay. I'll stay in Shanghai for two weeks only. The end of Dec will be fine."

.....a week later..

Husband: "Remember that I told u I'd be in Shanghai for two weeks?"
Wife: "Yeeees...why? Don't tell me that it will be extended."
Husband: "No.."
Wife: "Thanks God."
Husband: "Not extended. But after a week in KL, I'll need to go back to Shanghai."
Wife: "WHAT? For how long?"
Husband: "I think it won't be more than 3 weeks. They're facing Chinese New Year. I'll need to come back before Chinese New Year."
Wife: "Hmmm..okay then. So, you'll leave us in KL?"
Husband: "You still can change your schedule, rite? How if you change it to Jan?"
Wife: "To Jan?? long. But it's better than not having you with us in KL."
Husband: "Then we'll meet again in the end of Jan. I'll be missing u.."
Wife: "Have missed u already."

.....a week later....

Husband: "Dear..mmmmm..."
Wife: "What?"
Husband: "Maybe..I'll need to go back to Shanghai in Feb.."
Wife: "WHAT???"
Husband: " February.."
Wife: "I cannot change my schedule anymore!! I upgraded the tickets only to be 3 months open tickets!!"
Husband: "Then??"
Wife: "Then??What should we do??"
Husband: "Come with me to Shanghai??"
Wife: " it is cheap.."
Husband: "Find a cheap fares then.."
Wife: "Airasia doesn't have Shanghai in its' route! And you will become a very2 annoying trip if I go.."
Husband: "What d u mean?"
Wife: "U'll be flying with SQ and we'll be in cheap airline..just waving u goodbye!"
Husband: "Hahaa..but at least we'll be together in Shanghai.."
Wife: "And u'll leave us every day to work.."
Husband: " then?"
Wife: "Dunnooooo!!!"

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