Friday, March 11, 2005

Inspiring Books..part two..

At first I chose Totto Chan to be reviewed, but I changed the decision as I've just read a very impressing book. Ayat-ayat Cinta by Habiburrahman El Shirazi.
The book is beautiful indeed. The sentences written in such a way that make the reader feels involved. Lot of beautiful poems. And the story is far from boring. It's very alive..interesting..and surprising.

The story is about a magister student of Al-Azhar Cairo, a modest and low profile man who was born in small village in Indonesia. Beside studying in Al Azhar, he also get a chance to become a student of a well known 'syaikh'.
This novel is love story novel. The man, with amazing personality, is loved by three women. Each brings a different story to his life. But it brings a message that love with Allah as the basic will be able to handle all obstacles. And loving someone because of Allah can make people do "unbelievable-but-very-beautiful" things.
Habiburrahman spreads Islamic thoughts through this novel, but it does not make this novel like a non-fiction book. Readers also do not feel like being taught by the writer. The story flows beautifully, make all the thoughts as part of the story itself.
In the end of the story, my heart was fulfilled by a feeling of love. Love to Allah, love to His creations and love to my family.
The book had inspired me a lot, to do more things to express my love.
And the book had made me missing my hubby more than before. I feel bad cannot be with him, cannot accompany him, giving him a spirit..
To my husband whereever you are, you are my key to paradise. Bring me to your pray, and let me be your light forever. I really thank Allah for giving me such a wonderful partner..

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