Friday, February 25, 2005

Inspiring Books..part one..

Talking about inspiring books..Most people recommended The Alchemist as a very inspiring book, some got enlightments and new way of thinking from this book. I like The Alchemist, the story is not a common one. It has a deep meaning, and it's a kind of book that will leave you with some thoughts after reading. But for me, it's not that inspiring. It's just a...good book?
The book that had inspired me Celestine Prophecy.
Hehe..I know that this book had also brought enlightments to many people in the world, and I'm just one of them. But truly, apart of religious matter, apart of what other people the time I read the book I got so many things came into my mind.
Perhaps because the book tells about a lot of things that I've had been questioning before? Dunno. Things like..why I was born in this family..why I have to be my parent's child..why this and why that, and the way to see the world in a different way. Lot of things which I can easily connected to my believe, to the logical thoughts..
Or maybe because the book had helped me in retrieving positive things from the world? Sounds too exaggerating. But it did. I mean, for example, previously I've known already that nothing in the world comes without a purpose. I got it from my Holy Qur'an and I believe so. I noticed a lot of things that supported the statement. But when I read it in the book I just felt so glad that actually it's a very natural thing, that many people in the end will realize the same thing. Not just that it has made me stronger in holding my believe, it's also raised my spirit to always see the positive things in every occation and to appreciate all the moment that I have.
And what the book says about how the human actually has forgot their purpose of life. At first they build something to help them reaching the purpose, but in the end they make what they have built as the purpose itself. For example to help them survive in the world then human needs money, but then money becomes everything. Going to school, learning hard, competing..all just to get a good they can get high salary and finally, get rich.
I like this kind of book. Book that in the end will bring me again to the same question..what actually am I looking for? What actually do I want to be and to do? Is everything that I've done lead me to what I really want, or it just make me going to the wrong way further and further?
Mmm..this thought reminds me that it's been a long time I didn't do "muhasabah".
Kind of missing my hubby..he's my best partner to talk about life.
---enough of part one---

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